Friday, July 22, 2011

And So It Begins

My room has been 'cleaned' and floors have been waxed.  
So now it is time to begin the set up.

Here is what my room looks like now from the doorway.

It is a hot mess and I've decided to move some furniture around so I am in a type of limbo of how it is going to look.   

The biggest change is my reading table and moving it by the door.
Good thing- see all of the room, great board behind for posters...
Bad thing- it will easily be a dumping ground for papers, books...

The Math Pit

I LOVE my math pit.  
I put my calendar down there and it is where I do my whole group lessons for math.  
I also put all the math games there too.
I can't wait to decorate it.

As of right now I have all of my big pieces of furniture set (not tables- they are my pile holders now).
I did clean out my desk.  Since I moved it, I am losing some storage space, so I really really need to get organized. 
Next week, I would like to get the math pit started, my desk area arranged and more laminating done.
I am also getting excited to start hanging my owl stuff, but I need to do the basics started first. 

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