Sunday, January 8, 2012

Parent's Christmas Gift

This post is a little late, but it better late than never.

For our parent gifts, we made timeline ornaments.
It was super easy and the kids and parents loved it.

I started by going to a few stores and searched for clear glass bulbs that had safe edges. 
 (I was thinking I was going to get in trouble for opening packages and sticking my fingers inside, but I made it without any problems.)
I had the kids fill out a paper that had 3 questions.
1. This is how I wrote my name in 2011:
2. My 3 favorite things are:
3. When I grow up, I want to be:
I would have posted the paper, but it really wasn't very exciting.  I will be making a better version next year.
I took the paper and minimized it to 1/4 its size.  It really looked cool!
(I'll check to see if I have a completed one behind my desk and post it)
The kids cut out the papers and rolled it like a scroll and put it inside the bulb.
Then I had taken ribbon and curled it.  They put 4 pieces inside.
I had miniature class pictures (not in the example) that they put in.
I also found foam candy canes and they put some of those inside too.
The picture is not doing it justice, they were really cool looking.
The kids wrote their name and date with permanent markers.
We decorated bags and put a note inside about it being a timeline ornament (again, I am making a better version for next year).

I got quite a few thank yous and a lot of compliments.  
It was a last minute idea that went well.

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